At the heart of the Jebus Museum’s work lies a volunteer movement. Jebus’ volunteers are a community which currently numbers around 500 people. A quarter of the volunteers reside in Al-Far’a, the Palestinian refugee camp that is home to the Jebus Museum. The rest live in the territory of the entire West Bank and, to a lesser extent, in Jordan or in Europe.

What kind of activities in the Jebus Museum volunteers get involved in?

Everyone has his own mission. Volunteers are engaged in the safeguarding and expanding the scope of the museum collection, the popularization of the idea of solicitous attitude to their culture and preservation the heritage of Palestine. They make contacts with various cultural and political figures inside and outside their own country. Volunteering from the Jebus museum is not always required; it can be distance work. Besides, as long as the Jebus Museum is engaged in educational and medical activities, some of the volunteers are qualified doctors and experienced teachers.

At the core of voluntary work in the museum lies the idea of equality: there are no superiors and subordinates, onerous duties and an exhausting routine. Instead of a hierarchy there is active cooperation with each other; instead of commitments there is a conscious responsibility of everyone towards his people and the world culture.

The Director of the Jebus Museum is acquainted with all the volunteers. In Jebus it’s carried out a program of additional education, and certificates issued by the Museum are recognized by the Ministries.